Why Hawkeye’s Wife In The Avengers Looks So Familiar

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With the exception of Infinity War, Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye has been a mainstay of the Avengers gatherings, and the introduction of his wife Laura in Age of Ultron proved that Earth’s mightiest heroes could have a home life as well. If the kind, supportive Mrs. Barton looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve almost definitely seen Linda Cardellini in something before. The actress has been active in Hollywood for more than two decades and has racked up some impressive credits along the way. From roles in children’s favorites of the late ’90s to peak TV appearances, here’s where you may have seen Cardellini before…

TGIF | 0:32
Good Burger | 1:09
Strangeland | 1:39
Freaks and Geeks | 2:00
Legally Blonde | 2:39
Scooby Doo | 3:12
Brokeback Mountain | 3:41
ER | 4:18
Return | 4:50
Mad Men | 5:16
Daddy’s Home | 5:52
Bloodline | 6:30
Voice work | 7:06

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