Survival With A: Victorinox Army Knife Camper Multifunctional Tool

Survival With A: Victorinox Army Knife Camper Multifunctional Tool

A Victorinox Army Knife is handy to have you at all times.

But be warned, if your in the UK, having a knife on you could be deemed as a weapon, however the blade folds and does not lock, and is not over 3 inches long. If you carry one longer than 3 inches and/or it locks then its illegal to carry outside.

You can buy cheaper multi tools, and they may be as good, but you know the Victorinox Army Knife is well built with quality metal.

You can buy different versions, with different options. 

With all the ‘Survival With A’ reviews I do, I always say, do not buy something that your not going to use from time to time. And I find this is something I use at least once a week.

As a weapon to kill zombies, its probably not the first thing to go for, as last thing you want to to is stab a zombie, only for him/her to bite you.

But this tool will help you survive in the wilds.

Rather than putting it into your pocket, my advice is keep it dry and clean in something.

My advice is to keep it in a tin. The one in this pic cost £1 from a pound shop and came with a lighter.

Inside I keep a few bits.

I have inside a few plasters, and a cheap metal thing, plus a lighter.

I find the plasters are handy, as on long walks I sometimes get a blister.

You can then keep it in your pocket.

This is the Victorinox Army Knife Camper Multifunctional Tool with the bits showing.

As I say, this is something that you will use on a regular basis.

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