Survival With A: Summer Wear

Survival With A: Summer Wear

During a zombie attack, its best to stay at your home, where you are protected with brick walls.

But should you need to get out, go light.

We often see chubby smokers advising on having huge backpacks full of items that you will not need.

The first thing to note is your fitness. If you do not exercise regularly, then your going to be dead within 30 seconds of leaving your house or place of safety.

So carry as little as you can get away with, as lighter you are the quicker and further you can go.

This is for the summer, I will do a cold weather one later.


Wear light cheap trainers, with no socks.

The reason is that you can if need be run into a river, you can take your trainers off or keep them on.

I have often gone out and found that I have had to cross a stream, and had no problems running in with trainers on, or off. You would not do that with expensive trainers, and having no socks, your feet will dry out quicker.

If those zombies are after you, at least you can get away.


Shorts are best as again they let you run into a stream. 

If you had jeans on, they would get wet, and then your having to walk around wet for the rest of the day.

These I have on are cheap, but they have big pockets, so you can carry items you need.


I would recommend t-shirts, and if its cool or nights or cooler, a light jacket.

The idea is to go from one location to a safe location.

It is not wise to make a shelter (unless you have no option) in the woods during a zombie attack as a few branches is not going to protect you from a lot of hungry zombies.

But remember, if you carry a backpack, that is heavy, your soon going to get worn out (unless your fit), and as such slow down, and then your more likely to be eaten.

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