Survival With A: Petzl Tikka Headlamp

Survival With A: Petzl Tikka Headlamp

I have been using this Petzl Tikka Headlamp for months now.

This is ideal for walking in the woods in the dark, as it lights up the woods as if it was daylight.

While you may wonder why you would bother, and you may think a hand touch is good enough. Well I used this in winter, so it meant I could keep my hands in my pockets (so to keep them warm). Also it means you have your hands free (handy if you have bags or tools or something).

As you can see its got rather dirty.

This model has 3 power modes, that change by pressing the top button.

It has also a red light (so far I have not used that function).

When you turn it off, it glows for a while, so handy if the batteries die and you can use it to find new batteries in the dark.

I found the strap very comfy.

The strap even has a whistle built into it.

So for escaping zombies at night, this is ideal.

Something to note is that I used this on the canal during winter walking on a canal, but found that its so bright that people cycling towards me were blinded with the bright light. So if you wear this, turn the power down when chatting to people.

I have found the batteries have lasted ages, but it may be worth you taking 3 batteries with you as spares..

I would recommend you keep this on you, especially during winter time when it gets very dark very early.

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