Survival With A: 4×4

Survival With A: 4×4

Welcome to the first of our Zombie survival guides.

Many survival guides/vids often will have someone with a very well equipt 4×4/SUV.

The truth is, do not get one, as in a Zombie apocalypse, any form of car is not worth having.

Now before you say, that’s silly, ask yourself what will happen in a Zombie apocalypse?

The chances are everyone will get on the roads to try to escape.

Survival With A: 4x4

Survival With A: 4×4

The roads will be blocked up within a few minutes. Traffic jams for hours.

Your a sitting target for not just Zombies, but other people who may try to rob or even kill you.

That’s if your 4×4/SUV is not even stolen before you leave your house.

You also have the problem of fuel, if you run out, your in trouble.

Then you may break down.

And if you go off road, what if you get stuck in the mud?

While the thought of a 4×4/SUV may seem a good idea, think very carefully.

Your probably safer staying at home.

If you do have to go out, you may find a peddle bike or motor bike will get you through the traffic, and if you use a peddle bike you have no fear of running out of fuel.

And if you do need a 4×4 or even a car after the Zombie apocalypse, just take one as most people will be dead and there will be lots of cars just sat around anyway.

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