Small Details You Missed In The Halloween Trailer

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David Gordon Green’s follow-up to John Carpenter’s classic Halloween is a very different kind of sequel than most of its predecessors. That’s because Carpenter himself has returned to the series for the first time in 36 years to serve as executive producer and composer. Anticipation got even hotter when Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle were both revealed to be reprising their respective roles as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. Add in the facts that Judy Greer stars as Laurie’s daughter, and Danny McBride is a co-writer on the film, and the Halloween hype is real. The film’s trailer debuted at CinemaCon in April, but the footage remained otherwise under wraps until now. Luckily, fans seem to agree it was worth the wait. After all the guessing, which hints does the trailer give us about what awaits in this latest installment of the Halloween saga? Join us as we cut into some of the details you might have missed…

Cleaning up the timeline | 0:49
Sequel nods | 1:52
Loomis looms large | 2:51
Eerie echoes | 3:58
Laurie’s life | 4:52
The spree begins | 5:44

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