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“EmPath” by Aidan Knight & Beatriz Delgado Mena

A couple use a device which allows them to see and “feel” everything in each other’s mind.

A PR rep, Mia (Liza Callinicos – Tame Impala – Mind Mischief), seeks to defend her corner whilst being chastised and grilled by bullish news anchor, Kathy Gilbert (Ramona von Pusch – Neighbours), over the consequential morality and ethical implications of EmPath – a device which lets users mutually see and “feel” everything in each other’s conscious and subconscious.

Meanwhile, a couple, Ryan & Lola (Loreece Harrison – Black Mirror), facing challenges, utilize EmPath to see and experience each other’s entire history – warts and all. Once they unplug, they’re confused. Do they sympathize with the struggle one-another have faced or are they repelled by some of the actions that are the by-product of cataclysmic past trauma?

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