Netflix Thrillers No One Is Talking About

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Please Note: Release dates and availability on Netflix are subject to change and differ from country to country.

Looking for a thrilling movie night, but stuck on what to watch? Don’t worry, Netflix is jam-packed with great thrillers that’ll send a chill up your spine. From criminally overlooked heist flicks to gritty, hard-boiled revenge tales, here are all the best thrillers on Netflix that nobody seems to be talking about…

Small Crimes | 0:18
The Crying Game | 1:19
Cartel Land | 2:20
The Gift | 3:20
A Patch of Fog | 4:16
Buster’s Mal Heart | 5:15
The Fury of a Patient Man | 6:11
Bad Day for the Cut | 6:40
Icarus | 7:21
Shimmer Lake | 8:00

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