How Zazie Beetz Got Ripped To Play Domino In Deadpool

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Previously known for starring in FX’s hit Atlanta, Zazie Beetz was as surprised as anyone when she landed the role of super-lucky mutant Domino in Deadpool 2.

USA Today called her a “captivating standout”, and Vanity Fair proclaimed her “the best thing” about the R-rated sequel. She slipped into the role like she was born to play it, but getting to that point required a lot of hard work. Here’s how Beetz got ripped for Deadpool 2…

A first time for everything | 0:28
Putting in the time | 0:56
Trainer to the stars | 1:29
Becoming a superhero | 1:57
Eating a vegan diet | 2:22
Crushing it | 2:40

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