Easter Eggs You Missed In Incredibles 2

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Never before has Pixar taken so long to make a sequel as they did with Incredibles 2, but the 14-year wait was well worth it. The movie is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, with style to spare and action sequences so tense, you forget that nothing on the screen is actually real. With Incredibles 2 clocking in as the longest Pixar movie to date, you can’t say you didn’t get your money’s worth. Also, Pixar has plugged a mind-boggling number of Easter eggs and references into the movie to reward sharp eyes and repeat viewings. It’s all but impossible to catch them all the first time around. Whether you’ve seen the movie and are wondering what you missed, or are going to the movie and want to be prepared, here are the Easter eggs we caught in Incredibles 2. And of course, spoilers ahead…

Baby Mozart | 0:43
Smelling Ratz | 1:35
A113 | 2:26
Safari Court | 3:19
Evelyn Deavor’s evil endeavors | 4:01
New math for life | 4:34

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