Bloopers That Make Us Love Will Ferrell Even More

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Will Ferrell might be one of the funniest people on the planet. But even though he makes people laugh for a living, he’s not immune to the power of his own jokes, especially when he and his co-stars are improvising gags on the fly. So what makes the funniest star in Hollywood laugh? Here’s a look at some Will Ferrell bloopers that make us love him even more…

A glass case of screw-up | 0:18
The other bloopers | 0:45
It’s just science | 1:11
This outtake is so hot right now | 1:48
Something extra | 2:14
Talladega lunch | 2:37
Bloopers of glory | 3:01
Behold the majestic wolf lamp | 3:30
Live, from New York | 4:02

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